If you are not in the market for a new sail, we hold the largest stock of used sails outside U.S.A.. Browse through our comprehensive list (there are hundreds of sails).

To help you, the lists are presented both in imperial measurements (feet and inches) and metric format.

Whether sailing on lakes or cruising in coastal waters - the Parasail is the ideal downwind companion for you and your yacht


The Parasailor is a breakthrough in sail design and sets a new standard in sailing. The ideal downwind companion for you and your yacht


Parasailor Bag
Cruising Expandable Bag for Parasails and Parasailors

Parasailor Bag From £78.00

Roller Reefing Genoas
Sea Teach Roller Reefing Genoas are generally available (off the shelf) ranging from 18 ft. - 36ft. luff lengths and are designed to fit a great majority of small to medium sized cruising yachts.

Roller Reefing Genoas From £259.00

New and second-hand spinnakers

Spinnakers From £96.00
Save 20%

Storm Jibs
New and second hand storm jibs

Storm Jibs From £339.00

Cruising Chutes
New and second hand cruising chutes

Cruising Chutes From £269.00

Second hand foresails available from stock

Foresails From £50.04

Gale Sail
The Gale Sail is a storm jib that can be hoisted over a roller reefing foresail

Gale Sail From £629.00

New and second hand mainsails available from stock

Mainsails From £70.46